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Our Range of Services also include: Delegates Transfer, Social Outings, Sporting Events, Dinners, Premieres and more



Dinners, Premieres and more


Delegates Transfer


Social Outings

Delegates Transfer

BAO Chauffeurs offers a delegate transportation service to and from any conference centre in the UK.  

No matter the number of delegates, our fleet of Mercedes Benz Viano buses will pick them up from a designated point and take them to the conference venue and back.  

Our service ensures the delegates arrive together and on time without anyone missing or stuck on a train.   

Our buses are comfortable and spacious giving the delegates enough room to relax and recap on important details.  

Social Outings Sporting Events, Dinners, Premieres and more

We help you enjoy your outings even more by providing a door to door transportation service for your convenience.  No taxis and no trains!

Dinner, Theatre, The Races, Grand Prix  and more…we ensure you get there in style unaffected by the weather, traffic or other elements. No need to navigate how to get there or to find a parking space as our driver will do that for you.  

After the event, our driver will be waiting for you in a comfortable climate controlled car to prolong the enjoyment all the way home.  

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